Life Coaching for Seniors

I have arrived at a time in life at which I am excited to share my joy, gratitude, and energy to support people over 50 (actually, anyone that is interested) to live the healthiest, most positive, most joyful, and most engaged life possible. That is why I offer life coaching for seniors.

Recent research has shown that, to a great extent, we are the age we think we are. In one study, people were asked what age they felt or thought themselves to be. If the person thought they were at least 3 years younger than their actual age, their health in many areas was better in the following 20 years. Furthermore, as the age difference increased, so did their quality of life, and the health measures improved over the same time period.

“You are as young as you think you are” and I am virtually certain that I am no older than 40:-).

Unfortunately, there are times when what we think or feel about ourselves and our situation can get in the way of living the life we want. Depression, self-doubt, anxiety, conscious and unconscious fears, physical illness or condition, low self-esteem, draining lack of motivation, or other concerns can be blocks to moving forward. Given that a very large part of what motivates us (positively and negatively) emerges from our unconscious mind, we often will need the help of someone else to help us understand and remove the blocks that are in our way.

Based on my extensive experience (professional and personal), I am in a unique position to serve as both therapist and coach to assist my senior clients in the process of uncovering and healing from these potential, unconscious influences that might be blocking them from progress. Also, it is important for my clients to know that I personally dedicate a significant amount of my time and energy striving to strengthening my mental, emotional, psychological, and spiritual experience. We can do this together!

Improving personal health and well being

The actual work (aka, play) we will do together in life coaching for seniors includes effective and energetic, research-based support, coaching, and psychotherapy to improve physical, emotional, and psychological health. More specifically, we will go after such challenges as weight loss, sleep, exercise, heightened energy, relationships, family, work, and play, all of which contribute to personal health and well-being. Of course, each plan that we create is utterly based upon your needs and desires as an individual.

The structure of the therapy/coaching process will incorporate, to the extent possible, the coordination with other resources (physicians, other health care workers, trainers, etc.) to meaningfully improve our chances of success in the face of any challenge.

If you are interested in this coaching experience, please call 415-806-5001


  1. Hi Scott,
    I really like your website and I will try to be at your CAMFT presentation on the 18th or at least the first part of it ( I have to pick up someone at SFO in the evening)
    BTW… I just passed my final licensure exam. Yeahhh! Now, at long last full-fledged MFT !
    I noted a typo, maybe just a missing period, in the following:
    “More specifically, we will go after such challenges as weight-loss, sleep, exercise, heightened energy, relationships, family, work, and play all contribute, literally, to many aspects of personal health and well being.”

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