Engaged Parenting

Dear reader,

As a parent, researcher, educator and therapist for more than 40 years, I am excited to be able to share with you some ideas that might help you close in on being the best parent you can be.

I will reach out to you as a parent myself.  The day before my first son’s birth I felt fairly certain that I could manage the parenting tasks to at least 18 years.  On the day of his birth it dawned on me that it would actually be a life-long enterprise.  Also, in the beginning, I believed that I would be my children’s guide in the hopes of enabling them to live connected and extraordinary lives.  In very short order, and much to my surprise, I came to discover that we would raise each other, reciprocally; they influenced me and the other way around. They have made me a better person; expanded my self-awareness, self-compassion and gratitude for a myriad of blessings.

We are in an era of marvelously expanding knowledge about the power of human relationships and in particular, parent-child relations to mold us into who we become. Through these articles I aspire to engage my natural ability to reduce complex research and theoretical findings to digestible and efficient learning’s from which you will hopefully benefit.

As an educator, I hope to begin a dialogue with you for growth, positivity and discovery in the challenges we all face as parents and more generally as human beings.

I will share with you lessons I have learned in my own therapy and through the collaborative therapeutic work hundreds of my clients over the years; each of them have shown such great courage in opening themselves to our work together. With the awareness that all human interactions are reciprocal, we influence each other, part of this sharing will be about my own experiences and growth through these remarkably intimate (into-me-see) relationships.

Above all I hope that you feel my love and respect.

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