Group Therapy for Men

I am grateful to have facilitated many ongoing growth groups for men for more than 35 years. These ongoing (once per week) men's groups are for men who want to move their lives toward greater personal competence, self-assurance, emotional balance, and awareness, as well as be better leaders at home and elsewhere and experience joy, engagement, contentment, and satisfaction.

Men offer a unique perspective and presence in our ever-changing world.

As friends, intimate partners, lovers, fathers, businessmen, and leaders of the wider community, our growth and maturity, as men, is of benefit to all. Some of the participants of my men’s groups come because they are seeking to resolve issues within themselves and/or with spouses, friends, children, colleagues and others. Some come because they want to more fully embrace what it means to be a loving and compassionate man in our culture and among like-minded men.

All the men's group participants I work with strive together to discover their unique nature, roles and concerns in relation to themselves and family and friends. Consistent emphases in the group is an focus on unique strengths and confronting personal challenges in the context of other caring men. I believe that men are better off, as are their families when they nurture the following attributes:

  • A positive sense of self and gratitude for each day in every way.
  • Confident and supportive of others.
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for their challenges as well as relish and build upon their strengths and accomplishments.
  • Protective of their loved ones, spouse, children, friends in particular, and all members of the wider community as well.
  • Emotional intelligence, awareness of self and others, leading to an authentic life.
  • Willingness to uncover, be aware of and seek to change emotions, thoughts, and actions that might be troublesome to themselves or others.
  • Seek to maintain supportive working relationships with other men.
  • Seek total engagement and a desire to find passion and excitement in their daily pursuits.
  • Courage and integrity in the face of adversity.
  • Value themselves and their place in the wider community.

While each individual brings with him a set of issues and challenges, the willingness to remain open and engaged in the group reaps extraordinary support, guidance, and friendship. The willingness to reach out to others builds a sense of positivity and gratitude.

Please call 415-806-5001 if you might be interested in joining this group